SPOTTED: Kim Chiu relaxing at BlueWater Day Spa


At the heart of promoting a great selection of pampering as well as slimming and beauty treatments, BlueWater Day Spa is actually in the business of empowering hardworking Filipinos to have a truly holistic approach to beauty and wellness during “me time”.

What better way to send that message than by tapping some of the country’s most well-loved actresses to its roster of brand ambassadors. The well-loved by many for her girl next door appeal, charm and beauty, Kim Chiu, is more than endorsing a spa company. She is championing its purpose of promoting wellness to hardworking individuals who deserve to relax by BlueWater Day Spa’s latest service the totally relaxing, traditional Balinese four hand massage.

This is very timely for Kim Chiu who is currently busy with her new telenovela on ABS-CBN along with other important commitments that the showbiz requires.

Initially envisioned as a relaxing oasis, BlueWater Day Spa is a place where serenity wraps around you, comforting you amidst the chaos of city life.

After putting together a wonderful selection of massage and relaxation services based on the best practices being used all over the world, BlueWater Day Spa has also built a good reputation by partnering with some of the country’s most beautiful faces.

As such, BlueWater Day Spa also introduced its current lineup of brand endorsers starting with the freshest faces from Mercator talent agency, which includes Brazilian heartthrob Fabio Ide. From stressed to rest, these lovely talents show how they are able to better take care of themselves with the help of BlueWater Day Spa.


BlueWater Days Spa was also happy to introduce the young and good looking talents from GMA7, who are also part of BlueWater Day Spa’s roster of brand ambassadors. They are Mike Tan, Ervic Vijandre, Benjamin Alves, and Aljur Abrenica.

They have also introduced Nikki Gil as part of BlueWater Day Spa’s growing family. Nikki is equally elated to be one of its brand ambassadors, saying how hard it was for her to find quiet time to recharge and be ready for the various challenges she faces at work.


Nikki Gil


Fabio Ide


Ervic Vijandre


Benjamin Alves


Aljur Abrenica


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