Food Trip: Confusion Diner in BF Paranaque

If you’re talking about places with a lot of food tripping choices, you will surely think of Kapitolyo in Pasig City, Jupiter Street in Makati City, and Maginhawa Street in Quezon City. But do you know that southern part of Metro Manila has its own pride?

Yes, it’s Aguirre Avenue in BF Paranaque where it has long been considered as food lover’s paradise because with so many restaurants opening one after another that even those who are living in the northern part of the metro will make a trek and go on a food trip.

I personally love Aguirre Avenue because it has a lot of restaurants to choose from different cuisines to bars and small milk and coffee shops. These are the reasons why I often hangout with my friends in BF Paranaque aside from the fact that it is near to our place.

I would like to share with you what I have recently discovered along Aguirre that really stood out from all the establishments there because of my prodigious experience upon trying their food.

What I’m referring to is Confusion Diner that is located at 231 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque City.


I am sure that you will not get confused trying their offerings because according to Mr. Jordan C. Ongtangco, owner of Confusion Diner, the restaurant is coined as such because their menu is a fusion of everyone’s favorites and of archetypical Filipino food closed to our hearts.

The first sustenance that I’ve tried is their Sisig Quesadilla which is one of their starter offerings (and one of my favorites as well!).

Sisig Quesadilla

It is a tale of two classic tastes, when Marimar meets Panday! Yes, you will surely imitate how Marimar is popularly known with her “Awww!” because of its crispy sisig folded in a crisp white tortilla served with Ranch sauce. Mind you, it is not very spicy as what we normally think when hearing about sisig, and that’s what I love! More than the usual quesadilla! It’s delicious Awww!


Tocino Wings

The marriage of two of the greatest food items! Chicken wings tossed and covered with Tocino flavoured sauce served with Ranch sauce.


Sriracha Ribs

Because a lot of people love spicy food and ribs, Confusion has decided to put them together in one dish. They come up with a symphony of flavors on the plate served with veggies and rice and everything nice!


Crispy Calamari

From the sea, to Confusion, to your table, to your belly… surely this Crispy Squid Calamari will satisfy your cravings best with garlic aioli.


Baked Fish

I met nemo at the entrance of the restaurant and he asked me if I saw dory. I was clueless where Dory was until I found out that Dory was on my plate when I ordered this cheesy, creamy Baked Fish! Oh heaven!

Sriracha Wings

Sriracha Wings

Classic crispy chicken wings tossed in hot and flavorful Sriracha sause that will sure fly you to the moon!

Ribeye Pares

Ribeye Pares

This is the perfect combination or in Filipino, Pares! Haha! Confusion has upgraded the taste of classic pinoy fare! This is not your ordinary Pares, baby!

Fish and Dips

Loaded Potato Chips

Their homemade goodness just got a lot better. It is served with mouthwatering chilli longganisa and cheese sauce that I’m sure you can’t go wrong!

Loaded Potato Chips

Fish and Chips

When the Beatles clash with Eraserheads! Britain’s well-loved street food goes head on with Pinoy’s favorite smoked milkfish, the result? It’s time for you to order first and know the taste!

Choco Lava

Choco Lava

It’s time for my favorite part, the desserts! I’m a chocolate lover by the way and I can live with chocolates only! This is best served while still hot (that’s why it is called Lava) haha!

Mango Mousse

Mango Mousse

The sweet, juicy flesh creates a deliciously smooth mousse!

CD HM Iced Tea

CD HM Iced Tea

Check out other food that they are offering!

Confusion Diner Starter




Meet the people behind Confusion:


From left: Mr. Al Claud, resident chef; Mr. Jordan C. Ongtangco, Confusion Diner owner;

and soon-to-be Mrs. Ongtangco

For more information, visit their social media accounts:


Instagram: @confusiondiner

Twitter: @confusiondiner


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