It’s not a bird, not a plane. It’s hot air balloon!


This  first successful human-carrying flight technology is one of my favorite illustrations that I always draw at the back pages of my notebook whenever I felt bored when I was still in my primary education. I can still remember there was a time that my teacher caught me drawing a hot air balloon instead of listening to her formulas. She was talking math problems though.  As punishment, she asked me to explain in front of the class what I was doing then.

It was not a challenge for me because I love talking in front of many people explaining my ideas. Then I explained my drawing to them that someday I will have the chance to see real hot air balloons in front of me. I was thinking then that hot air balloons can only be seen in other European countries where I often saw in the news way back elementary.

And now, I can say that dreams really do come true! Yes, I have reached for my dream! HAHA! I was able to witness real hot air balloons when we went at the 20thPhilippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Clark Field Pampanga. It was a weekend of everything that flies!


Thanks for my friends who invited me to experience the joy of witnessing hot air balloons in actions. They were my sweet couple friends Aci and Oscar who never hesitated to invite me for some out of town trips.

We went there during the 3rd day of the event which fell at the 13th day of February. Our call time was 3am and boy, mind you, it was not easy to wake up that early especially me who loves to sleep. But of course, I really wanted to see hot air balloon, that’s the reason why I sacrificed to wake up early.

Travelling from Manila to Clark, Pampanga is easy but the hassle of slow traffic will meet you at the main entrance of the air field where the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta was held. There were many vehicles heading to the event. I suggest if you are planning to go there next time, you should go there earlier than we had to witness the start of the program.

While we were stocked in the traffic near the entrance, the program started already with the first hot air balloon to fly with the Philippine flag accompanied by the Philippine National Anthem.


It was followed by many different designs of hot air balloons. All of them were of unique ideas. Here are some of the hot air balloons shown during in the event:





DSC_2726This was the time that I said to myself that one of my dreams was reached already. The scenario that I stated at the beginning of this article popped into my mind. Hot air balloons are real! HAHA! I can see it through my naked eyes!

I was totally amazed by different kinds of hot air balloons which were not only limited to the normal shape. There were other designs as well.

When the sun set already, it was a time for another “wow eyes” where all of the hot air balloons participated in the festival where lit and was presented to the audiences. They just remained on the ground for the people to take picture.


Thanks for my friends that I got access to the event ground where I personally saw how it works. I also got the chance to touch it! HAHA!

I was totally amazed during the night time. It was the 13th of February and boy, the next day is Valentine’s Day but unfortunately, I am single. (or should I say fortunately? HAHA!) That’s why I just enjoyed the moment with my awesome friends Aci and Oscar.

Here are some of the hot air balloons showcased during the event:

Aside from hot air balloons, the event was also graced by different aircrafts that showed many tricks and exhibitions which you will hold your breath because of their stunts.

Thinking of joining the event next year? Well, see you there because I will surely go back to witness the new flavors of next year’s hot air balloon festival.


Indeed, it was an awesome experience!



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